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Stock price and market capitalization have long been the key benchmarks for evaluating public company success. But in today's uncertain market environment, the investment community increasingly looks beyond financial metrics when making investment decisions.

Companies must re-assess their IR strategy at every stage of their life cycle. From pre-IPO to a mature public company, organizations must continually evaluate their investor relations efforts to ensure they are effectively responding to the evolving market environment. In fact, a recent study by the National Investor Relations Institute concluded that 82% of U.S. buy-side investors believe that investor relations impacts a company’s valuation, with superb investor relations providing 10% valuation upside and poor investor relations negatively impacting a company’s valuation by up to 15%.

Drawing upon our extensive investment banking and management consulting experience, which complements our investor relations expertise, Market Street Partners provides a select group of leading growth companies with senior-level, strategic counsel to successfully respond to this new and ever-changing market environment.

Whether your enterprise is a young company seeking to gain credibility for its newly-introduced product or a legacy corporation facing challenging industry dynamics, MSP is uniquely qualified to help management successfully address all of the elements comprising its valuation.